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  • Megan Cao

"Like I Did" - Jackson Guthy

“Like I Did” is a pensive song that reflects on the end of a relationship, looking at mistakes that he made. Guthy’s voice is soulful and honest, intimately acknowledging his mistakes while he reexamines his relationship. As he struggles to get used to being without his partner, Guthy wonders about the reason for the breakup, looking at that even though his partner might not be happy with him anymore, “at least [he] did”. At least he did bring them happiness, at least he did bring them comfort, at least he did assuage their fears. Despite the hurt and confusion around the breakup, he understands that if his partner wants to move on, if his partner doesn’t feel the same way anymore, at least he did. At least he tried and did his best.

Guthy’s sorrowful voice and lyrics bring his listeners on the journey of his self-reflection around his relationship. His raspy voice carries a hint of pain, a well of regret and hopelessness. To know that despite all the good times, he can’t provide happiness anymore. With the low amount of production, Guthy’s voice sounds intimate, mature, and emotional. It touches the audience in different ways from his previous music, showing his rawness of emotion.

Jackson Guthy started from humble beginnings, starting piano at age four and began writing songs at age seven. Opening with One Direction for Big Time Rush in 2012, he continued releasing music until 2014, when he joined a band called North of Nine. Now, “Like I Did” is the first music he’s released in two years, but there’s a lot more to come. Perhaps calling upon his influences and experiences in North of Nine, I’m eager to see the direction that his sound travels.

Written By Megan Cao



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