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  • Megan Cao

"Loser Like Me" - Ariane Gabriel

“Loser Like Me”, balancing on the edge of gritty electropop, is the perfect song for the dance floor. The whole song has an air of a sleek finish as Gabriel casually croons that “you don’t want to be a loser like me”. She embraces her status as a loser, rejecting things that those within society would be able to pick up on. While all her friends are going out and clubbing, she’d rather stay in and chill with herself, not needing the social status or alcohol that going out might bring her.

From start to finish, this production is slick. Accompanied by the plucking of a guitar as well as otherworldly synths that sound eerily like a flute, Gabriel’s sultry voice dominates the track, her backing vocals adding some much-needed texture. It’s nonchalant, almost flippant in its Y2Kesque nature that’s backed with Latin-inspired production, oozing coolness and hiding a hint of a menacing nature underneath.

Ariane Gabriel is like Lana del Ray, but fast-forward a couple of centuries. In this song, she combines y2k aesthetics to commemorate the passing of a friend. Growing up in Paris, France, she sang in church choirs, bands, commercials, eventually writing music at age 16. With the motto to be real, be yourself, and forget the rest, her music carries an undertone of the glorification of social media and other trends, alluding to their fleeting nature and the unhealthy lifestyle of excess. Graduating from the Berklee College of Music, she combines genres like funk, jazz, and rock into her music, music that she grew up listening to. It’s clear that Ariane Gabriel is here to stay and make waves.

Written By Megan Cao



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