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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"My Best Friend Is My Therapist" - Erica Manzoli

Feeling disconnected from those closest to you? From the world around you? Lockdown has likely magnified those sentiments. Erica Manzoli’s song ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ discusses the pressures of social media and the impact that isolation had on her self-image. “Taking pics to deal with the emptiness; swiping left on my love.” The numbing effect of screens isn’t talked about enough. Manzoli strikes a match over the void in her heart to give you an emotive song that calls attention to this very feeling.

When social media becomes a coping mechanism, it can wear you down. “Broken and bruised...I’m so tired; let me feel anything.” Manzoli’s raspy vocals reflect the frustration she feels as she’s caught in a screen loop. You can imagine yourself lying in bed and asking yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Even if you know the answer, you may lack the motivation to change your trajectory. Manzoli nails this feeling of helplessness. A subdued accompaniment cements the melancholy mood of the song. You can really connect with Manzoli’s unforgettable story!

Erica Manzoli is an emerging singer/songwriter and musician from southeast London. The 21-year-old wrote her debut single ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ from her bedroom. Immersed in her thoughts, she’s penned musical diaries on topics like self-reflection, depersonalization and derealization. Her creations are beautifully evocative and make her quite a mesmerizing artist! She’s got plenty more on the docket for 2022 so stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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