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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"New Day Coming" by Bjorn Rydhog

The events of the past couple years have really affected us, but 'New Day Coming' by Bjorn Rydhog reminds us that no matter what we go through, we have the power to better the future and bring ourselves back to who we used to be. "Love can end this war". We have to take care of each other as people of this Earth. We can't let bad things set us back! Take a step back, and then take 3 steps forward. That's the kind of mindset we need to put ourselves in. Let's celebrate humanity and take control of our happiness.

'New Day Coming' has raw and real vocals that captivate you. Bjorn sings in a way as if he's directly speaking to you; like he's having a conversation with you; like he's your best friend and he's trying to cheer you up when you're sad. The soft and bright synths give you a sense of peace and comfort, almost like you're falling into a dream. If you've had a bad day, listening to 'New Day Coming' is guaranteed pick-me-up. Bjorn created this song with the intention to make people feel good, and that's exactly what he accomplished.

Bjorn Rydhog is an indie songwriter from Sweden. He describes his music as "uplifting, wonderous pieces; fun, smile-inducing music that connects on a deeper level". Bjorn has developed his sound over time, currently focusing on electronic, retro and Swedish pop inspired themes. Bjorn collaborated on this song with co-writer Olof Grahamn and producer Johan Sigerud, as well as a few other songs such as 'Just to be with You', 'I Don't Wanna Be Alone' and 'Let's Not Get Old'. Check out Bjorn Rydhog if you're having a bad day! He's guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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