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  • Kelli Dixon

"Not This Time" - Ben Ellis

Just Be Yourself. This is a phrase we hear from a young age, and it seems easy to do. After all, everyone has unique characteristics that deserve to be shown off! However, as we grow up, we can make the mistake of sacrificing who we are to please people. We should never do this, and it can be a hard lesson to learn. However, in his song, “Not This Time,” Ben Ellis softens the blow by reflecting on his experiences in a defiant and inspirational pop tune.

The song starts out with a soft ukulele solo that makes you wish you were laying on a lounge chair on a sandy beach. The melody is interrupted by a bold bass line as Ellis sings, “you wanna tear me down and leave me hanging.” It keeps repeating as he sings other inspirational lyrics such as “I won’t take my advice from someone who’s dead inside.” The loudness is significant because it fits in perfectly with the theme of the song. At first, Ellis stayed quiet in an attempt to please people. The sudden loudness is a signal that he is done sitting on the sidelines and will not let those people’s opinions have a hold on him. The bass line is also an excellent musical representation of a human yelling. We yell to expel negative emotions, and that is exactly what Ellis is doing in this song.

Ben Ellis is a Wales native who took up singing at a young age. He is currently studying music in London. During the worldwide pandemic, all the time spent stuck in the house gave him ample time to write music. He wrote music by himself and participated in Zoom songwriting sessions with other artists. “Not This Time” is his first single. Ellis hit the ground running, and I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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