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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"on the nights you hold me" by MCXX.

The ultimate summer road trip anthem that’s also an absolute head-bopper. If there was a description for ‘on the nights you hold me’ by MCXX., that would be it. When was the last time you felt lonely, even though you weren’t alone? As someone who used to crave external validation, I’d do everything for the people I cared about. “I spent too much time being an animal; having anybody who will have me”. This song is about the unconditional love you possess and want to give to others but forget to give yourself. People don’t always reciprocate what you put into a relationship. Don’t let them rob your happiness!

The classic rock sound of electric guitar and raspy vocals envelop the listener in the boy band craze of the 90s and 00s. A lighthearted, playful tone is like the golden elixir that solves all your problems. “Forget about those thoughts in your head; lose your way with me”. Compared with the chorus, the verses tell an alternate, equally compelling narrative: focus on the bright side. Simply vibe where you are and live life to the fullest! Even in the more engaging lyrical content of the chorus, the purely magnetic sound overtakes you and brings out all your best memories. Your serotonin levels will skyrocket with this one!

MCXX. is an indie-pop band specializing in music with eccentric flair and ALL the vibes. The band’s members include synthesist Levi Bennington, guitarist Vincent Charles, vocalist/guitarist Adam McKinney-Drew, and drummer Josh Varab. Before coming together, all four of them were in punk bands, often playing for the same crowds. The band was established in 2016, giving the members greater creative freedom than in their previous groups. All members equally contribute their individual styles to each track. They are currently working on their sophomore album, ‘i will always want you’ which has a predicted release of summer 2022. I cannot recommend them enough!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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