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  • Bryan Massey

Review: "Oops I Love You" - The Buckleys

The Buckleys latest single is brimming with fun, innocent pop-country energy. “Oops I Love You” is quirky, bubbly and a great piece of songwriting from the Australian sibling-trio. This is their first single for 2022 and is hitting charts in their native Australia as well as making their way up the American charts. This is also one of The Buckley’s first major single since the pandemic. “Oops I Love You” Is a fantastic mix of quirky country and Americana/pop.

The song structure is classic pop country style, but each part feels well thought out and structured. The bridges really tie the verse and chorus together beautifully with some interesting effects. The lyrics are fun and make for a great summer love song. The overall vibe is incredibly catchy and even the vocal effects towards the end are fun. Lead vocalist Sarah Buckley turns on her inner Taylor Swift in a fun spoken style version of the chorus towards the end that is just a great little tag before we finish out the song. The simple beat, bass licks and guitar work are all wrapped up in a perfect summer bow to kick off the summer. The solos and song writing are so tasty. “Oops I Love You” reminds me of a refreshing Sydney Sunshine and Southern Sweet Tea with a hint of Lemonade.

The Buckleys are an Australian sibling trio from Byron Bay, Australia. Vocalist Sarah Buckley, Lachlan Buckley on guitar and Molly Buckley on keyboards have been making music for years and have topped the charts in Australia. During the pandemic, they spent much of their time performing virtual concerts and writing music. They came to Nashville to record this new hit and are seemingly poised to start making waves in the pop country/Americana scene in America. The trio are gearing up for some major festivals in Australia later this year!

Written By Bryan Massey



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