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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Pink Bandana" by MACY

Bubbly, funky and catchy. ‘Pink Bandana’ by MACY embodies all those characteristics. It's a callback to the pop hit sensations of the early 2010s. “Sat in a high-chair in a pink bandana; you’d laugh and say I’d look so cool back then.” Our childhood selves never knew the heartache that our future selves would go through. We might miss that innocence but ultimately, we learn that not everyone will love us like we love them. Don't let this get to you. They lost YOU. They never learned how beautiful and powerful you've become, and they’ll regret it! 'Pink Bandana’ serves up this message with a side of a euphoric energy boost!

Sincere, melodic vocals catalyze your comeback arc. “It feels so wrong that you don’t wanna know me now; your photographs won’t let me down like you do.” Don’t be afraid to revel in your awesomeness while calling out your haters! The progression of the story is cleverly paralleled with a progression over time, with flashbacks in the verses and a flash-forward in the bridge. Strings and electric guitar strengthen the present, elaborate emotions in the chorus. With dance-worthy lyrics also included in this package deal, this song is pure pop perfection!

MACY is a singer-songwriter and performer from Wales who has always been obsessed with music. Growing up, she was known for putting on shows in front of her parents when she had the opportunity. She was surrounded by all genres of music, including musical theatre. Songwriting is MACY’s way of escaping the world and learning more about herself. Her sound is quite fluid and has taken influence from genres like Nu-Disco, Dark Pop and Funky Pop. She recently released her first EP ‘Words4Luv’ and she’s got another EP coming out later this year. Go follow this incredible rising star!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez


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