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  • Gillian Mena

"Pretty Money" - CONNR

Many times after a down week, many feel the need for a confidence booster through dressing up and going out. An immediate mood lifter, “Pretty Money” perfectly captures this late night out feeling of confidence through an upbeat pop song. Encapsulating the confidence and self security that comes with dressing up and going out "Pretty Money" brings together the idea of a perfect night out.

Immediately starting off on a positive note, describing the beginning of a night out, the beat of the song quickly picks up, increasing the energy. The entire song carries a very positive and upbeat energy with it. This same energy, alongside the stop beats and catchy melodies, brings an infectious feeling to the song. While the lyrics describe a girl felling pretty and like a million bucks on a night out, the melodies and background music bring together the feelings of confidence within the song. A combination of vocals and the musicality of the background melodies, CONNR perfectly brings together the energy of a successful night out.

Based in Alabama, the pop singer CONNR has always been closely intertwined with music. Since writing songs at the age of 14, she continued to follow this passion to the Berklee College of Music as well as Loyola University New Orleans. Once she interned at Fame Recording Studios however, she began to work on recording her debut ep “Who are you”, with “Pretty Money” as her first single. With this new album, she details the various high and low points of love as well as learning to let go. While this single is just the beginning, her debut ep shows enormous potential.

Written By Gillian Mena



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