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  • Maddy Mahady

"Radio Silence" - Ceara Cavalieri

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been ghosted. One day you’ll be talking to someone, thinking that this relationship could be going somewhere, and then BOOM, you’re a blocked number. Keep that hand raised if you ever questioned why. What happened overnight to create this sudden cut off? Was it something I said or did? Were they talking to someone else the entire time? ‘Radio Silence’ by Ceara Cavalieri asks these questions and addresses the confusion that can accompany an untimely break up. This pop rock anthem is the perfect song for those of us who have been permanently left on read.

With lyrics such as ‘Got me messed up like I don’t know my worth’, the listener is brought into a series of unanswered questions running through Cavalieri’s mind. A repeating guitar hook is accompanied by an upbeat tempo. Together they create an infectious, head-bopping beat. As the chorus nears a drum fill builds, pushing the tempo, and having the lyrics explode each time they’re sung. By the end of the song you come to realize Cavalieri, like most of us who get ghosted, might not get any of the answers she’s looking for.

Ceara Cavalieri is a So-Cal native and UCLA alumni. Although she didn’t start pursuing music until after college, she has been songwriting since she was a teenager. As a shy teen, songwriting was a way for Cavalieri to express her thoughts and emotions. Now, at 26, Cavalieri has released 6 singles and has been featured on multiple Spotify curated playlists. She’s creating a sound for herself full of catchy, pop rock anthems that are sure to get you singing along. Her single ‘Radio Silence’ is out now!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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