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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "1-800-broke-my-heart" - Courtney Paige Nelson

Courtney Paige Nelson’s latest single is a vulnerable track that tells her side of a heart-shattering break-up. “1-800-broke-my-heart” was written after Nelson discovered her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her with his coworker. The track is a sense of closure for her, something she never truly got after the relationship ended. Nelson wears her heart out on her sleeve and holds nothing back through the candid lyrics. She does not hide behind metaphors and insinuations, but instead rightfully airs out her ex-partner’s dirty laundry. She begins hinting in the chorus, singing: “It was all over your face// Under her within a day// Played your joker card// But your bluff fell hard.” Then in the second verse, she drops the bomb: “I’d call that slightly evil, heartless, maybe a narcissist// Pre-mediated cheating with a girl that I fucking met.” She lays it all out on the table with that line, exposing his infidelity. The witty track proves to be a cathartic release for not only Nelson, but listeners who resonate with the clever lyrics. “1-800-broke-my-heart” is the perfect addition to every angsty break-up playlist and an excellent example of Nelson’s creative songwriting.

“1-800-broke-my-heart” is an ingenious track that utilizes a memorable production to further enhance the emotional atmosphere of the song. Before the music begins, a busy tone followed by a muffled voicemail message can be heard, introducing the listener to the track. Halfway through the message, the steady beat begins, transitioning to the verse. As Nelson’s captivating vocals kick off the track, the synth melody complements the beat. Once the chorus starts, the song explodes into the full production that compels the listener to dance along to the melody and belt out the fiery lyrics. Throughout the second verse, synth sound effects can be heard, providing a unique element to the song. As the listener is guided through the track, they can feel the passion behind Nelson’s voice and the anger she feels toward her former partner. Brilliantly, she ends the track with a giggle and a simple “fuck you,” signifying how she has chosen to let go of the hurt and move on to happier matters. Nelson has created a dynamic anthem that will have listeners playing it on repeat.

Courtney Paige Nelson is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco, now based in Los Angeles. She got her start as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Season 23 where she earned 4th place. This experience set the foundation for her true passion: singing and songwriting. Nelson has written poetry since she was a child, and naturally felt compelled to become a musician. In 2020, she released her first single, “Saved Myself”. The following year she released her debut EP, Fever Dream. Since then, she has released a handful of singles, including collaborations and remixes. She is also a credited songwriter for fellow artists and continues to make a name for herself within the music industry.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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