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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "123 (feat. Joe Bills)" - Becca Rogers

"123 (feat Joe Bills)" is a beautiful song about the passionate love that takes form in dance. The lines "won't you dance with me" and "will you hold me close" shows the heartfelt confession of this hurting soul who just wants one dance. A bittersweet sentiment, the line "you're out of my league and everyone knows" introduces a feeling of worthlessness that can be hard to shake off. However, I sense a lot of hope from this song: despite the pressure and expectations weighing down, the courage to ask "Can I have this dance?" is inspiring to say the least. It's an interesting use of text painting: there is only one goal and that is to dance with this person.

The song starts with a motif panned right with the reverb on the left; creating a sense of echo and space. The mood of the piece is set up instantly as background vocals accompany the sense of space and elusiveness created from the motif. The vocals come in softly (not out of control or disrupting) and the instrumentation plays well to this. As the melodic line progresses to the chorus, the mood is slowly intensified with the addition of a more complicated rhythmic section, a driving bass line, and background vocals that shoot from ear to ear (making it seem like there are voices behind/next to you). I thought it was particularly clever how the motif was used as the main melody of the chorus instead of just looping it in the background.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Washington DC based singer/songwriter Becca Rogers is a new and talented artist in the electro-pop genre. A dedicated musician with a bachelors in neuroscience and music (with a focus on Alzheimer’s) Becca strives to explore the benefits that music has on dementia. In 2020, she started a music duo called Strawberry Aqua which released two singles “Last Dance” and “Walk Away” in 2021. Her latest single “123” features guest artist Joe Bills. Check out her music on her Spotify and YouTube or find out more about new releases and information alike on her social media handles. Also make sure to check out Joe Bills using the links below!

Written By Aaron Soltis




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