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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "17" - Son of Cabe

"17" by the indie-pop duo Son of Cabe is a song about grief and its effect on relationships. Grief can alter the dynamics of relationships, an example being that it can lead to emotional distance or a lack of communication as one struggles with their pain. This experience can either bring people closer or put a strain on a connection due to different coping mechanisms, including some that your partner might not understand. The song discusses the struggle with grief, the process of healing from it, and the loss of hope for finding the light in life again. The meaning behind this song makes it highly relatable, and I'm confident that listeners will value the vulnerability and emotional expression on a sensitive topic.

While grief is a sensitive and sad subject, this song has a vibrant energy with the noticeable use of drums, piano, and guitar, creating a lively and upbeat pop vibe. In the first verse, they mention how hard the experience of grief has been on them and their relationships, but they’re struggling to see the path of moving forward: “I was told that life would come and grow around, but I can’t see the wood through all the trees that still surround me. But I’m trying to change and find the space, hope I’m healing.” Grief is tough as it strikes unexpectedly and coping with a loss is challenging. In relationships, it alters communication, thinking, and interaction. They emphasize their efforts to move closer to acceptance and growth despite these hurdles, while trying not to scare their partner away at the same time: “One step closer to you. Tried so hard to move, it’s the best I can do. Can’t find words to prove. Upside down dreaming I’m constantly running, hope I can find you.”

Son of Cabe is an indie pop duo that met in Guildford, England. They have performed at pubs in and around London, as well as at festivals such as "The Great Escape" in Brighton, UK. "17” marks their initial release of this year, following their debut EP "Numb," which was released in 2022. They’ve been featured on “BBC Introducing: The South” multiple times, as well as receiving a review from BBC radio airplay for their most popular single “Let Go” which has surpassed 300,000 streams. “17” was released a week ago today and is now available for streaming on all platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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