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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "2 Carat" - Eighty-Ninety

Regret is a powerful, all-consuming feeling. Unfortunately, time only goes forward, not back. When we feel regret in a situation, we do everything we can to make it right. If we can’t though, we are only left to imagine what could have been. In their song, “2 Carat,” Eighty-Ninety is reflecting on the latter. In a chill, upbeat pop song, they mourn the end of a romantic relationship and not expressing love the right way. Additionally, the track also expresses regret over taking things for granted. It doesn’t help that there is a small but painful reminder of what could have been. That is, a 2 carat diamond ring.

Overall, I thought this song had a really cool sound. First, the guitar and drums gave the song a really bright mood, despite it being about a breakup. Second, I thought the vocals were relaxed and hazy, very echo-like. I interpreted this to represent a flashback or flash forward, being separate from reality. This idea is reinforced by lyrics like “I had an old ring I thought I would give to you.” After all, the song is about what was and what could have been in a romantic relationship. When talking about this song, it is also important to point out that the actual title, “2 Carat,” is not sung in the chorus like other songs. Rather, it is referenced in the mention of the ring. I thought this was a good stylistic choice because the lyrics flow really well together.

Eighty-Ninety is a duo of 2 brothers, Abner and Harper James. They have racked up over 30 million streams since the 2016 release of their first EP titled “Elizabeth.” If you liked “2 Carat,” you should check out “Fading,” one song off of that album. It is also about heartbreak and has a very similar sound. In contrast to these two tracks, their 2017 single, “Your Favorite Song” tells a different story. The duo sings about the joys of being young and in love. The track has garnered praise from pop princess, Taylor Swift. As for more current work, Eighty-Ninety released a longer EP called “The Night Sky” in June 2022.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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