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  • Megan Cao

Review: "2 Miles High" - Wuzy Bambussy

Photo Credits: Rysia Rhys

“2 Miles High” is a sultry and energetic funk that seamlessly blends together organic and electronic elements to produce a one-of-a-kind sound, standing out from releases that rely so heavily on midi or loops. Instead, the muted guitars, jazzy bass, and atmospheric soundscapes, alongside Kat Harrison’s seductive mezzo-soprano, allow a strong opening number for all the surprises that are yet to come. Beginning in March 2023, Bambussy intends to release one single per month for ten consecutive months, a result of creative innovation and collaboration with Bristolian vocalist Kat Harrison. And with their first official single together, it’s clear that this duo is perhaps a match that’s made in heaven.

The song’s emphasis on natural music, such as claps and shakers, gives a unique texture to the song. Too long does music sound too perfect, every note the same, but with these authentic sounds, the song reaches an air of genuineness. The warm brass tones of the trumpet give the song that authentic jazzy touch, a refined edge that adds yet another interesting layer of texture. This makes it quite the achievement for vocalist Harrison, as finding a way to complement the song while giving emphasis to all of its production achievements is a harrowing feat, but she does it beautifully. Her voice ebbs and flows, one minute an accompaniment and the next the main standout on the track.

Wuzy Bambussy is the alter ego of producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Jones, who is already a decorated dabbler. Based in England’s West Country, Jones and his many accomplices steadily combine a seemingly eclectic but actually complementary soundtrack of world sounds, folk, funk, indie, and electronica. Looking to bring the beautiful and culturally significant tonnes of people to the forefront of the industry, Bambussy and Harrison are a breath of fresh air in this increasingly synthesized world. Mark your calendars, because his single is only days away: “Flux” releases on April 18th.

Written By Megan Cao



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