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  • Liam Dun

Review: "2 People" - Rowan Drake

There is a special heartbreak that comes from losing a person you thought was permanent. When things are good, it can be easy to lose yourself in a relationship, relinquishing your single self in favor of the new, happier person that came from the love and support of a significant other. In his latest single “2 People,” Rowan Drake grieves two losses: his better half and the better version of himself he found in the relationship. Drake perfectly encapsulates the loss of someone you depend on. The emptiness of not knowing what to do with yourself or who to talk to when the one person with whom you feel safe talking about your pain is the one causing it. The song’s refrain- “when I lost you, I lost two people at once”- captures the desolation of not only losing your partner, but your support system, your identity. “2 People'' is not a song about regrouping after a breakup, or learning how to love yourself without external validation. Instead, it describes the crushing pain that directly precedes recovery, the darkness that has to be endured before a new light can be found.

The song’s instrumental accentuates the feelings of emptiness Drake describes in his lyrics. The song is very sparse, almost solely carried by a piano and backing vocals, with a sparing use of synth pads in the chorus to add a supporting texture. There are many moments that feel as though they are building towards a climax, perhaps an entrance of drums or bass that would add a sense of movement, but this never comes, mimicking the aimlessness Drake is experiencing. When you lose someone who is an integral part of your identity, moving forward without them feels impossible. The repeated swelling of the song before inevitably returning to its starting point with no satisfying release reflects the feeling of going through the motions, and grief’s destruction of any motivation to find solace.

18 year old singer, songwriter, and producer Rowan Drake began dedicating himself to music after an injury ended his chances at a career in competitive snowboarding. After getting his start performing small shows in his hometown of Ithaca, NY, Drake relocated to Los Angeles with the hopes of building on his music career’s early promise. He has lobbied his talent into 15 thousand monthly Spotify listeners, and by posting snippets of his music has amassed over 75 thousand followers on Tiktok. Rowan’s 2020 single “Closure” can also be found on all music streaming platforms.

Written By Liam Dun



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