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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "20 Seconds" - MICHAELA

It’s the final countdown with MICHAELA in “20 Seconds,” an electro-pop single about confronting a guy with playboy intentions. A classic tale about a noncommittal guy, friend zoning a committed girl he actually wants. Of course, she won’t give him the time of day unless he changes his ways and explains himself—in 20 seconds. Though he had a chance to win her over, the ending of the song shows he chose otherwise as she daringly sings, “I’m getting on my uber hit request//Too bad, so slow.” The guy may have not gotten the girl, but “20 Seconds” is nevertheless a synesthesia treat with its electrifying club-esque beats and night-hue synths.

“You got 20 seconds til I walk away//So you better have something good to say//Or too bad, I’m gone//Too late, so long.” Bold lyrics for some artists, but not MICHAELA, who has a knack for telling things how it is, and rightfully so. Songwriting is a form of venting. Some people go on runs to let off steam, others bake to take their mind off of a situation, musicians vent through their music. Whether its composing or writing lyrics, great artists are those who are able to take their feelings and put them into condensed words. With similarities to English popstar Dua Lipa, “20 Seconds” is a depiction of the type of artists MICHAELA emulates; those who have the talent to take a story and translate it into musical art through riveting production and enticing hooks.

Growing up in the small town of Hertfordshire, MICHAELA is a British Artist and Songwriter who has spent years developing her musical abilities. Over time, she has gained access to working with GRAMMY nominated producers and writers across Europe. Influenced by her favorite musical muses, Charlie Puth and The Weeknd, MICHAELA takes their soulful writing techniques and implements them into her own unique work. Currently, she is crafting a 6-track debut EP which is to be released holistically in 2022. Exciting things are coming her way, and hopefully to our ears soon.

Written By Amanda Palacios


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