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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "25" - Nicole Haber

In Nicole Haber’s new single, “25”, she shares the reality of what it is truly like to be in your mid-twenties. When we are 16 years old, we are eager to grow up. We hope to have the career we have always dreamed of, and have life completely figured out. However, the truth of the matter is: no one has it figured out. At 25, Haber is having a “quarter-life crisis” like many other young adults. We say “I’m fine” to cover up the truth. She sings about experiencing panic attacks as a result of the intense pressure. The bridge of the song hits harder than any other lyric in the song. She sings, “I swear I’ll lose my mind// If you ask me one more time// What I’m doing with my life”. Haber’s goal for the song was to release a track that resonates with those experiencing the same quarter-life crisis as her. She successfully accomplishes exactly that.

Nicole Haber has this incredible ability to make a song about the stress of being a young adult into a fun, catchy pop song. The verses and bridge have darker lyrics, sharing the struggles of being an adult; from not seeing your friends in weeks to dealing with a nagging parent asking when you will get your life together. But then in the chorus, Haber lets go of this stress and raises a toast to being 25. Haber is just trying to “live her best life”. Being 25 is difficult, with so many pressures surrounding her. Despite this, she is able to let go and have fun because she is still young. Haber does not take life too seriously and allows herself to enjoy the time she is given. She has flawlessly crafted the millennial anthem that will be on all of our quarter-life crisis playlists.

Nicole Haber released her R&B/Pop inspired debut EP, Vibes, in 2018. Then after some self-reflection, she rebranded her genre of music to Electro-Pop in 2021. She has been featured on several tracks and has co-written with multiple artists and DJs. Haber has nearly 40,000 listeners worldwide on Spotify with over 100,000 streams on all platforms. She has been included in hundreds of playlists, including New Music Friday: Indonesia and Malaysia. Haber is making a name for herself in the pop music scene and is ready to release more music that will pull listeners onto the dance floor.

Written By Karlee Smith



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