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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "29" - Tyler Jarvis

Tyler Jarvis’ brand new single “29” not only delves into the complexities of growing up, but the nostalgia that comes with it. Through sentimental lyrics, the artist reflects on the passage of time and the inevitable transformation from carefree youth to hesitant adulthood. The chorus encompasses these themes and serves as a powerful reflection of the uncertainties that accompany one’s maturity into adulthood. In particular, Jarvis sings about a realization; he’s become someone who’s afraid to take chances. The Chorus draws on this, “When did I become the person who’s afraid to take a chance/ Is that what growing up just seems to guarantee?” For the older listeners out there, “29” may evoke memories of their own journey through adolescence and the evolution of identity. Ultimately, the song will foster a strong sense of understanding among listeners; after all, growing up is a universal part of the human experience..

The instrumentals of “29” create a dreamy atmosphere. From its airy instrumentals to soft and smooth vocals, the song possesses a sense of anticipation. The incorporation of strategically placed drums add impact and momentum, this builds the song into moments of excitement and energy exceedingly well. The hopeful yet curious tone of the music encourages introspection and self-discovery from the listener. Synth-like noises add layers of depth and texture to the music. With its slightly rock-influenced sounds, the guitar creates some of “29’s” most engaging moments. As the song progresses, Jarvis’ vocals grow stronger. Aesthetically this progression is dynamic and exciting, however it also represents the metaphorical journey of the song in a delightful way.

Tyler Jarvis was gifted a guitar for Christmas at 13 years old, and the rest is history. He has been making music ever since! He credits his success to the encouragement of his parents; as they never wavered from embracing his dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter. Originating from Cincinnati Ohio, he now travels and tours around the United States in order to share his music with the world. Jarvis has been a contestant on both “American Idol” and “The Voice,” and has amassed nearly 9,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His discography is filled with feel-good singles; some of the most recent being “First Born,” “Nostalgia,” and now “29.” If you loved “29” and want to hear more, follow Tyler Jarvis on social media platforms below.

Written By Casey Hascup



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