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  • Adelae Norwood

Review: "2am" - Daniele Alan-Carter

In his newest single “2am,” artist Daniele Alan-Carter explores a range of emotions as he delves into loneliness and feelings of being trapped, eventually showing listeners that there is hope to be had within optimism and chasing their dreams regardless of the circumstances. The song is expertly produced, creating an ethereal tone that beautifully complements Alan-Carter’s effortless vocals. It’s an immersive experience that elicits feelings of hope and wonder, grounding the listener in the reality of their possibilities while retaining an almost otherworldly sense of genuine freedom.

“2am” is wholly cinematic with an atmosphere reminiscent of numbers featured in musicals similar to “The Greatest Showman.” Its production, along with Alan-Carter’s impressively wide vocal range, draws the listener into a hopeful, dreamlike soundspace where anything feels possible. In lines such as “Only 2am/I’m writing down a song for you/Lost my sleep/Lost the reason/How to dream,” Alan-Carter wistfully touches on loss and loneliness but turns it into something greater instead of dwelling on the hurt it can cause. This is evident in the lyrics, specifically when he sings “Here tonight/We can still feel alive until the morning rises/We can change our world not sleeping on it.” Here he implicitly focuses on the importance of staying optimistic and chasing your dreams instead of allowing loss or setbacks to control you. “2am” promotes hope more than anything, making it a refreshing addition to the music world.

Daniele Alan-Carter is an Italian-born singer-songwriter and actor. He started to perform when he was 14 years old, working in major international musical theatre productions in leading roles. The demands of the musical theatre industry made him a versatile singer, shaping him as a very communicative, open hearted performer with a strong stage presence and charisma. During the pandemic, the period of forced distance from live entertainment pushed him to finally write his own music, collaborating with music producer Tokøta. His musical taste unites a sonic blend of Pop, Soul and EDM, with warm and soulful vocals. He loves to explore the boundaries of styles and genres, creating new alternative sounds. He supplied guest vocals to a tropical dance remix of "Too Good at Goodbyes" by STRIKE reaching over 300k streams which led him to sign with Sana Music Management and to start to collaborate with other international artists and signed by rising independent labels such as Reload Music (Sony IT), Toneville Records.

Written By Adelae Norwood



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