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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "3 Words" - Sharl

The media likes to portray love and loving someone as an effortless act. The common misrepresentation we’re digesting entails all the parties involved being open and receptive to love while also being fully capable of returning it wholeheartedly regardless of limitations or restrictions. But this is rarely the reality. The act of loving someone is both a commitment and an obligation. And some people are not ready to live up to this responsibility. Sharl’s "3 Words" details what it feels like to be the object of someone else’s love when you’re just not ready to take on their love and return it.

"3 Words" is a moody Rock-Pop guitar ballad with underlying jazz tones. The song opens with a soft guitar note as Sharl gives the listeners the opening verse; "You gave me three words / Eight letters / One cliché / Now we can never be the same", before closing out with a deep-sounding bass. Whereas most anticipate an 'I love you', Sharl not only recoils at the phrase but also acknowledges how it completely changes the dynamics of the relationship after being said. This recoiling initially comes across as malicious, but Sharl goes on to explain: "You had me starting to come around / Starting to let you in / Taken some time to get off the road / I thought I told you to take it slow / You had to ruin it". This need to recoil is not coming from a place of malice but of unpreparedness. Despite expressing her boundaries to take the relationship slowly, their beau's profession of love comes as a blindsided violation of their social contract. The single provides a whole new perspective on why some pull-back after the three-worded phrase.

The U.K. native turned Melbourne local, Sharl, is a doctor by day and a singer and songwriter by night. Where exactly does she find the time to save lives and create music - we'll never know. But we as listeners appreciate an all-rounder like Sharl and love to show our appreciation in the form of streams! Sharl will be dropping a music video soon for her single "I Fell in Love". This single is also the first track on her upcoming album, "City Lights". "City Lights" provides listeners with an in-depth view of the artist's navigation through the dating scene, where each single has its own distinct sound. The album drops next month, so definitely keep an open ear for it!

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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