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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "4 once" - GIYA

Especially now-a-days, life can be awfully stressful. We get caught up in so many things that we barely have time to stop and smell the flowers anymore. Between working, personal struggles, education and relationships, you forget to slow down and take care of yourself every once in a while. "Find your happy place" is something a lot of people suggest when you need a moment to get away from everyday life. For GIYA, Summertime in the city of London is her happy place; and that's exactly what her song '4 once' is about. She describes the song as a love letter to her city, the place and time that she can take in the joy that she longs for when she's feeling down.

'4 once' is a mixture of sounds and genres that GIYA has taken and put into a dreamy and soulful Lo-Fi ballad. Her honest and raw vocals give a story-telling feel to the lyrics. The instrumentation gives off a nostalgic vibe, making you feel happy and relaxed, but almost melancholic at the same time. GIYA is authentically herself within this song and that makes it easy to love. Watch the music video above to see GIYA in her favorite spots around London, giving us a visual to what this song was written about.

GIYA is an artist from, you guessed it, London! She has a sound that cannot be described in any other way than it's her own. '4 once' specifically was describe by GIYA as a 'London Sound', and 'the least-dark song' she's ever written. GIYA has an EP coming out soon, titled 'Odd Fish'. Here's what GIYA had to say about her upcoming music - “It’s really, really raw. It’s honest, and it doesn’t beat around the bush. It feels like a bold move, one that doesn’t give me anywhere to hide. It’s brutal at times, but I’m really, really proud of it.” Follow GIYA with the links below to keep up with her journey.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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