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  • Alison Holst

Review: "7 Years" - KARLOU

The song “7 years” by KARLOU immediately transports one to the peak feeling of summer. The euphoric and intricate melody delivers a light and happy feeling, while the lyrics paint a different story. Surrounded by a fantastic pop song, KARLOU sings about her bad luck and not wanting it to ruin something new, which is so far great. A significant lyric of the song, which really resembles the song's concept as a whole is, "I broke the mirror, I've just been given".

The song starts out strong, giving an indie-pop presence. Listeners are then introduced to the fantastic vocals of KARLOU, who sets herself up as having this “premonition”, which she will reveal through the song. This “premonition” reveals itself to be rooted in the bad luck she feels she’s always had and is worried it will ruin a relationship of hers. Throughout the song the melody is backed by an electric guitar that sets the tone and pace. The song remains upbeat until the bridge and end of the song slow down and satisfyingly complete the piece.

KARLOU is an energetic pop artist who can express emotion and creatively tell a story through her lyrics. Not only that, she brings a fun energy to her projects that is easily received by any listener of her music. KARLOU recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, which is most definitely attributed to the coastal vibe in her songs. KARLOU is beginning to plan an upcoming tour to showcase all of the fantastic songs she’s released so far.

Written By Alison Holst



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