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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "About You" - Collin McInelly

"About You" by Collin McInelly is a song that flawlessly conveys the narrative of love, loss, and acceptance, depicting the complexity of what it feels like when a relationship comes to an end. There's a recurring theme of the narrator's dreams and desires to experience a life together with the partner they once had, creating a poignant backdrop to the relationship they did have. The singer's longing to hold their partner one last time is not only heart-wrenching but also shows how close the final separation is. If you've ever dated anyone before, you'll definitely know what it feels like to miss your ex-lover when the relationship comes to a close, and if so, this song is perfect for you!

This song sets a beautiful indie acoustic tone from the lyrics and vocals to the background instruments that perfectly complement the singer's voice. The song starts with the lyric "I thought that we would see the world together, I thought that we would live and die together." This line directly expresses the singer's initial expectations of having a shared life with their partner, but the rest of the song, and even this lyric, hints at the fact that it isn't something that ends up happening. There is something infinitely tragic about envisioning a life for you and your partner, and it all falling through the cracks of what could have been. The next line expresses the singer's desire to hold their partner one last time in their embrace, emphasizing the enduring presence of the one who has their heart. "Even if the sky fell down tonight, you would be the first thing on my mind, alright." This line shows how deep the singer's love is and that even in challenging situations, they still think about their partner. The next line echoes this unwavering trust in their feelings, emphasizing the determination to highlight their profound feelings for every aspect of this person despite the challenges. Reflecting on the past and the shared moments of love, the singer talks about holding hands, showing the commitment and the physical connection that exhibits a facet of their love. There's an expression of only seeing them in dreams and memories now, which is heartbreaking as these concepts aren't tangible. They're real but not in a way you can hold and call your own. This deepens the sense of loss as it depicts how this is the only way they can still have them. The final lyrics before the chorus sweeps back in show a sense of finality for the relationship but also acceptance and the desire for their ex-partner to find great love. "I hope you're happy, I hope you know, I hope you can find someone that can hold you close. So this is it? It's time to go. I hope you're happy and that you can't let go." These lines show acceptance and acknowledgment of the ending of the situation while expressing wishes for their ex-partner's happiness, even if it hurts to let them go. Finally, the chorus sweeps back in, reiterating the soft beginnings of the song to neatly tie it all together. Overall, this song is beautifully written, with a classic sound that I can't see ever getting tiring or boring because it's something you actively seek to listen to. For people who have been in similar situations, I can't stress how good it feels to listen to music catered to your situations.

Collin McInelly is a talented artist, a Spotify-verified artist with 942 monthly listeners who absolutely know good music when they hear it, with songs like "I'll Come Back for You" and "Where This Will Lead." It's no wonder his music has the number of streams it does. Talent like this easily flies under the radar, so I urge you to listen to his music, if not for the soundscape, but for the beautiful poetic simplicity of the lyrics that follow the beautiful piano beats that flawlessly match the vocals they accompany. There's this beautiful simplicity of his music that reminds me personally of the stylings Bon Iver, while being much sweeter in tone and with less of a folk sound. Collin's music is a class act, perfectly encapsulating that acoustic indie vibe that is just a beautiful genre of music. I urge you to listen to this song as an introductory piece to his music and then listen to everything else just so you can unravel in the tempo of these beautifully constructed songs. If you're interested in finding out more, stay in touch with him and his artistry through the social links below!

Written By Jaylice Mitchell



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