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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Adult" - Eva Westphal

Because we’re human beings, there will always be moments when we need someone to watch out for and make sure no harm comes our way. In Eva Westphal’s latest single, “Adult,” she provides an anthem for standing tall and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Her deeply moving song paints vivid images and makes listeners feel warm and safe. Westphal expresses that she wrote this song as a way to go back to her younger self and protect her from what she knows now as an adult. The song is beautiful, and it does excel in creating a safe ambiance for listeners to feel safe and protected. “Adult” by Eva Westphal is certainly a spectacular artist as she is a true talent who deserves to be heard.

The song keeps it simple with the instruments. The lyrics may not be complex, but they work better this way as they allow for crystal-clear images of the speaker caring for the person they are singing to. All the images presented in the song are sweet, such as making them breakfast or walking them to the bus. They may not seem like serious situations but that’s the point. We all need some level of support even if it’s for the most insignificant situations. Westphal has such a warm voice, and it really sells the song. Her voice, along with the background harmonies makes perfect the experience of the song and it makes you want to listen forever. Overall, “Adult” really shows off the level of Talent Eva Westphal has and how much love and devotion she puts into her work.

Eva Westphal is an artist currently based in New York. She began writing music at the young age of 13 and has been writing ever since. She has many big-name influences, such as Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Boygenius, and more, yet she is able to take that influence and make it her own unique musical style. She shows a strong passion for helping people through her art, she especially hopes her music can resonate with the LGBT+ community to find the safe space they need. Through her music, we can see how wonderful of a character Eva Westphal is and how dedicated she is to her craft. If you want someone real and special, check out more of Eva Westphal.

Written By Chantal Charles


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