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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "After Summer Ends" - Kaiyah Mercedes

"Neither one of us want this summer to end" is a true reflection of a warm and inviting relationship that bonds well and does not break. On Kaiyah Mercedes' brand new debut single titled "After Summer Ends", Kaiyah sings about a two-faced relationship that felt like being on an endless plane in paradise but crashed when summer vacation was over. The songwriting done by Kaiyah is majestic and it puts you in a place of deep meditation and introspection that is human to all of us when it comes to ultimate love & trust in someone. Kaiyah also is talking about difficult changes in one's life that can become a permanent negative in someone's mind. As the summer sun sets, the love in the air gets colder over time.

This song is a hell of a journey! Just like getting into a summer fling! The production is super crisp and clean with the beautiful electric guitar riffs as well as the acoustic guitar that contradicts smoothly to the electricity of the rockstar guitar being used. Kaiyah's monotone yet enchanting vocals over the melancholy instrumentation fits perfectly. The sound effects of the seagulls and warped background vocals adds on to the chorus as well as the end of the song when it closes out with the seagulls flocking away from the shore. How awesome is that!

Kaiyah Mercedes is a rising singer-songwriter from Australia who has taught herself piano and guitar over her lifetime. Kaiyah loves to sing and write folk-pop songs that is inspired by the haikus of nature as well as the global and personal struggles that have came with the coronavirus. Kaiyah is dropping a hot new single titled "I Don't Know Who You Are Anymore" which you can catch when it's released on April 29th. Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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