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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Afterglow" (feat. Bradley Scott) - Forever May Fall

Forever May Fall's latest single is a uniquely candid track that tells the story of a broken romantic relationship between two of the band members. “Afterglow” was written about when lead singer, Jillyan Brennan, and lead guitarist, Colt Crevar, were dating. The song details their struggle to see the benefits of the relationship and the emotional toll it took on them. They had both ended up feeling “hurt and betrayed” and grew to resent each other and their relationship. Meanwhile, they continued to try to keep the professional music relationship afloat. The song was born from the moment of clarity after the initial feelings of frustration and rage. While Brennan sings the female perspective, featured artist, Bradley Scott, sings the male perspective heard later in the track. In the second chorus, their voices effortlessly blend together as they sing the heart-wrenching lyrics: “Hanging on for the same old story// Of falling back to the great unknown// Why did I have to stay for the ones that broke me// Looking back, guess I’ll never know.” These lines reveal that the two subjects only stuck it out in their relationship for so long because they felt like they had to, and they were afraid of their life after them. At this point, they only stayed out of habit and not because of any love they may have had for one another. The second half of the chorus continues with profound lyrics that reflect on the aftermath of the break-up. The duo sings, “But had I never taken time to stop and look at this different// I’d have never found a better home// But had I never taken time to stop and look at you different// I’d have never found my afterglow.” These lyrics recognize that after this pain and heartache, they have both found something better for them. If the two had not taken a step back and reevaluated their relationship, they would never have found the happiness they have now. “Afterglow” is an insightful track that takes the time to reflect on a previous relationship and learn from past mistakes.

“Afterglow” is an infectious pop-rock track that utilizes a fiery production to enhance the powerful lyrics. The song immediately kicks off the first verse with a synth sound effect that draws out Brennan’s compelling vocals and a bass tuned down to play low notes. Similar to iconic rock bands that have influenced Forever May Fall, “Afterglow” uses drop C tuning to match the metal sound. The production in the verse is composed of high note guitar chords paired with synth heavy vocals echoing the lyrics in the background. Then in the pre-chorus, an electric guitar with palm muting and power chords are added that enhance the metal vibe. While the instrumentation is impressive, Brennan’s powerful vocals are on another level throughout the song. In the pre-chorus, she utilizes her falsetto in the middle of each line, emphasizing the emotional lyrics and showcasing her phenomenal range. Once the chorus hits, the metal influence of the song is even more evident with the increased intensity in the production. The guitar power chords continue, while the high-end chords are replaced by a guitar melody in the background. Additionally, the drums pick up to emphasize the intense emotions of the track. Prior to the second verse, there is a brief pause in the instrumentation while light vocals echo the lyrics. Then, this verse brings back the production found in the previous verse, with Scott’s vocals guiding the listener through the male’s perspective. The song returns to the high energy chorus with Scott’s and Brennan’s harmonizing vocals, proving that the two artists were meant to collaborate. In the post-chorus and bridge, an intense guitar solo backs the vocals as the song reaches the emotional climax. At the end of the bridge, the production mellows to provide emphasis to the explosion back into the final chorus. The guitar harmonizes with the vocals in the outro, before Brennan’s outstanding vocal high note closes out the track, leaving the listener with chills. “Afterglow” showcases Forever May Fall’s remarkable talent, proving that this band is an essential aspect of the pop-rock revival.

Forever May Fall is a rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina founded in 2017. The band consists of four members: Jillyan “Fox” Brennan, Colt Crevar, Patrick “Sweez” Swesey, and Adam “Crabby” Crabtree. In 2022, the band returned from a brief hiatus with a new lineup and their hit single, “Aftermath.” The song won the 2022 Carolina Music Award for Music Video of the Year. After three additional releases in 2022, “Afterglow” marks their first single of 2023. Their music stems from a range of influences, such as Evanescence, Halestorm, Bad Omens, Spiritbox, Underoath, and many more. They strive to have no two songs that sound the same and blend genres to create their own style. They have an upcoming show in their hometown of Charlotte, NC on August 18th, 2023. Check out their socials for tickets! Bradley Scott is a singer-songwriter and lead vocalist for the American rock band, Emarosa. After joining the band in 2013, he and founding guitarist, ER White, are the two remaining members. Their 2019 album, “Peach Club,” garnered massive attention and claimed a top spot on the U.S. Billboard charts. The band has over 56,000 followers on Instagram and nearly half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Emarosa is currently on their European tour, so check out their socials to see if they are stopping at a city near you!

Written By Karlee Skipper




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