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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Again and Again" - Esthy

The latest single by LA-based artist Esthy, “Again and Again,” is an alt-pop heartbreak track about the difficulties of being in a relationship with a person who continuously mistreats and hurts you. The song expands on the repetitive nature of their significant other and how the speaker has had enough of putting up with the pain they have had to deal with. “Again and Again” allows Esthy to showcase not just her talents as a songwriter, but as a producer as well. The lyrics and instrumentals in the song mix well to showcase the emotional intent of the song and to push the idea of how painful this relationship was. “Again and Again” is certainly an intriguing track and it will be interesting to continue to listen to Esthy.

“Again and Again” has a dark and tragic aesthetic to it, it really does put listeners in the shoes of the speaker. The lyric “said you’d always love me, you never did” stands out as it really puts into perspective how the speakers' partner took advantage of them and only ever caused harm in the time that they were together. The chorus cuts deep with emotion, but it still remains very catchy and does stay stuck in your head. There is a unique aspect to Esthy’s voice that makes her stand out. As previously mentioned, what makes the song differ from other breakup songs is the style of the production. The way the song is mixed creates a much more vivid picture for audiences. Overall, there is a lot to enjoy in Esthy’s “Again and Again” and it will certainly make a great addition to someone’s breakup playlist.

Esthy is an artist and producer based in Los Angeles. Not only does Esthy work in music, but she also dabbles with filmmaking, and that level of creativity certainly shows in the music she puts out. With her music, it’s clear that Esthy does not wish to stick with the classic pop sounds and enjoys experimenting by bringing new sounds to the genre. Recently she has been doing a college tour and has also recently gotten the opportunity to perform at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles. “Again and Again” was an interesting introduction to what kind of artist Esthy is, and it’s great to see someone who is so creative and has a wide range of interests come into the pop scene.

Written By Chantal Charles


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