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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Age of Depression" feat. Tyson - Hunter Daily

Hunter Daily’s latest single is an honest discussion about mental health as she divulges her own experiences with depression, anxiety, and heartache. The vulnerable track was written with her sister, Tyson, during the middle of the pandemic. During this time, feelings of isolation and unrelenting depression was at an all-time high, and the two sisters were not immune to this. To help cope with their experiences, both with the pandemic and their personal lives, they let out all their authentic emotions through this cathartic songwriting session. On a freezing, rainy day when the world felt like it was ending, the two sisters teamed up with Jenna Andrews and Cody Tarpleyy to write the deeply profound song. With Tyson’s angelic harmonies featured on the track, Daily sings these heartfelt lyrics alongside her sister as a reminder to listeners that, “the best is yet to come.” While the verses paint the gloomy picture of a deep depression, the chorus ignites feelings of hope and rebirth. The sisters sing the hook: “Dare to end this age of depression” and “Don’t entertain this age of depression.” The optimistic chorus is a stark contrast from the despondent verses, pulling emphasis on the notion that even in the darkest storms, one can pull through as long as they keep their faith and hold onto the light. “Age of Depression” is a lifeboat for listeners, providing them comfort and reassuring them that things will always get better.

“Age of Depression” utilizes a calming, ethereal production that does not distract from the vital lyrics. With unique sound effects, Daily instantly transports her audience to the secluded outdoor scene she was in when the track was written. From the moment the song begins, nature sounds such as light rain, crickets chirping, and owls hooting could be heard. Paired on top is an airy acoustic guitar that ties together the intimate atmosphere of the song. Brief vocalizations are heard before the first verse kicks off. The production continues through the verse, with the introduction of Tyson’s harmonies flawlessly complementing Daily’s heavenly voice. Throughout the song, Tyson’s vocals provide an extra emphasis on the lyrics, symbolizing that Daily is not alone, nor will she ever be. In the pre-chorus, guitar chords pick up to provide an intensified effect while maintaining the beautiful acoustic instrumentation. Then, the production takes a significant turn in the chorus, where the soft percussion plays softly in the background and synth beats hit periodically, adding a new layer to the track. “Age of Depression” is a hauntingly beautiful track that uses this simple, yet elegant instrumentation to emphasize the delicate emotions and accentuate the two sisters’ phenomenal vocals.

Hunter Daily is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Los Angeles. She is the daughter of the prominent voiceover actress, EG Daily, and famous poker player, Richard Salomon. In September 2022, she made her musical debut with her single, “Die in LA.” After several singles, Daily most recently released her debut EP, Die In LA. “Age of Depression” marks her sixth and final single from this project, wrapping up this era of music perfectly and solidifying her rightful place in the music industry. Daily’s sound blends the whimsical pop of modern artists such as Frank Ocean and Phoebe Bridges with the 1960s Laurel Canyon style. With her unique and reflective lyricism, Daily’s career has been set in a firm foundation that has already attracted an impressive number of dedicated fans.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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