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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Alien" - Kendruh

The end of a relationship includes the end of many things - love shared, talks of a future, and joint memories with the one you once held close to your heart. However the most obvious and perhaps the most hurtful loss is the void of that person in your life as a whole. Someone you used to know inside and out, their hopes and their dreams, their strengths and their flaws. Kendruh’s latest release “Alien” dives into this feeling, with the idea that the person she once knew is now an alien to her. This metaphor is weaved throughout the song, comparing the distance she now feels to the gap between Earth and space, and speed in which he left to the speed of a spaceship shuttling away.

Kendruh’s lyricism and mournful voice shine through in this track. Simplistic piano chords and pulsating drums throughout the background allow the listener to feel her emotions clearly without any distractions. This highlights Kendruh’s metaphors and comparisons included in this song. The chorus spotlights her feelings, as she sings “What would he do with just a human like me / What could I bring him now that he has the universe / An alien, now / He's an alien now”. She feels the disconnect between her and her once love, and explains how they are now completely different people in completely different worlds.

Kendruh is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Mississauga, a city in Ontario. She has gained a following of over 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and has been releasing singles since late 2021, with her first release titled “Nightmares”. She was named ‘Best New Solo Artist’ of 2022 at Canadian Music Week, a music conference that takes place at the Music Awards Gala in her hometown. Her music and social media profiles share the same dystopian and edgy vibe, showing that her style and aura are consistent through her media. Make sure to follow along through the social media below as Kendruh dives into her journey.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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