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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Alive" - Gunning for Allie

The latest single by the duo Gunning for Allie, “Alive,” takes you on a trip through different eras of music, from the classic synths of the 80s to the alt-pop melodies of the 2010s. Additionally, there is a bit of a pop-punk influence when it comes to the song's structure and other elements within the song, specifically in the second verse. While the musical style is very high energy and colorful, the lyrical content is much more deeply emotional as it deals with loss and trying to live without someone. While the song is about loss, there is an element to it about trying to survive, and it connects to the anthem-like energy that the song carries. Gunning for Allie does well in blending a multitude of musical styles to create “Alive” and is a great introduction to the musical duo.

As previously mentioned, “Alive” uses classic 80s synths and it’s how the song begins. This introduction almost makes it feel like you’re entering a video game. The vocal performance throughout is very nice and you can hear the genuine emotional intent in the singer’s voice. The chorus is incredibly catchy and clearly has a lot of heart. The chorus especially is what makes the song have that cinematic element. That slowdown in the bridge really helps build up listeners for the final chorus and it makes the ending much more powerful. It’s interesting to have a song discuss difficulties that come with life and align it to such an energetic song, but Gunning for Allie is able to perfectly execute it.

Gunning for Allie is a musical duo from Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of Joshua Mulheran and James Waters who have been playing music together since the two were in high school. Gunning for Allie has experimented with different genres, such as pop-punk, synth-pop, and more. Their latest song, “Alive,” is the third single from their upcoming EP, “Sleeping Alone.” Other songs from the EP that have already been released are “Stay” and “Talk.” Gunning for Allie is certainly an intriguing duo and the way they mix styles makes you want to see what else they have explored in their past work. Overall, Gunning for Allie has done well with their song “Alive” and it’s exciting to see what the duo will do next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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