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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "All I Do (Is Cry)" - Lex Gibbon

After listening to Lex Gibbon’s newest song “All I Do (Is Cry)” I realized just how powerful of an addition she is to the pop genre. Her voice carries an air of professionalism that’s hard to find in newer artists today and Gibbon takes full advantage of this. The line “how could you make me feel optional?” is worded so effectively as it not only shows a deep level of pain but a sense of worthlessness caused by one person. A message of grievance and betrayal is something that many people can get behind and Gibbon does a phenomenal job at showing the female perspective.

Coming with the standard industry synths, 808s, and amazing vocal overdubs, “All I Do (Is Cry)” is a mixing masterpiece. The main vocals carry through beautifully without any competition but are still supported by the bass and main beat. The guitar riff throughout the song provides a nice harmonic rhythm (almost like a recurring motif) that is present during each verse and blends in during the chorus. I absolutely LOVE the background vocals and harmonies (panned hard right and left). They create this feeling of space that’s often hard to do when mixing which really fills out the song!

Lex Gibbon, a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire, U.K. is a voice of inspiration for victims of bullying around the world. Doubling as a model, Gibbon has had collaborations with a plethora of brands including: BBC Radio, Curvy Kate, Zalando, and more. She’s recently amassed over 13,529 monthly listeners on Spotify and has taken over social media by storm for both her music and modeling career. You can find Gibbon’s music on Spotify, Youtube, and Pandora. You can also visit her website, Instagram, or Facebook to catch up on the latest news of this rising star!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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