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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "All In & All Out" - Leo Golo

Leo Golo’s latest single “All In & All Out” confesses a whirlwind of emotions to the listener. In fact, the new track perfectly captures the excitement of discovering a new love interest. The varying feelings which Golo expresses throughout the song are juxtapositioned against each other. The chorus encapsulates these conflicting emotions beautifully with the following, “I get anxious just thinking of you/ Tryna guess what this is all about/ Can’t hide the rush I’m feeling (Feeling)/ I’m all in and all out.” This internal tug of war is something many can relate to, as the thrill of a budding romance often directly collides with uncertainty of the future.

As for the style of the track, “All In & All Out” sets a feel-good tone with fast-tempo instrumentation. The prominent instrumentals of the song include atmospheric keyboards, upbeat drum patterns, and unique sound effects. Golo’s vocals are fantastic and nostalgic sounding; making this the perfect song to listen to while driving on the highway with the windows down this summer. Every line he sings is impassioned and inspired and his performance contributes to the meaning of the track nicely. The song’s chorus is infectious and easy to follow (You’ll be singing along by its ending). Overall, Leo Golo’s “All In & All Out” possesses a retro charm, catchy lyrics, and

impressive vocals – all wrapped up in a satisfying outro.

Born in Barcelona in the year 2000, Leo Golo is a pop songwriter, vocalist, and keyboard player who has been making waves in the music industry with his captivating sound and intelligent lyrics. His previous EP, “Falling Again” showcases his versatility as both a songwriter and performer. As for where he may have gained some of this talent, Golo attended one of the most prestigious music schools in Spain, Escola Superior de Música De Catalunya; also known as ESMUC. If you’d like to continue following Leo Golo as he continues to wow audiences with his undeniable talents, follow him on all of the social media sites listed below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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