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  • Adelae Norwood

Review: "All My Friends Are Getting Married" - Trey Ewald

“All My Friends Are Getting Married” by Trey Ewald explores the deep-rooted fear, uncertainty and anxiety of feeling behind in life and being surprised by it. Everyone’s timeline is different, but feelings of moving at the “right” or “wrong” pace are often dictated by the collective timelines of those in your inner circle. Ewald dives into his anxiety regarding being the last one of his friends to have found his person despite taking the same steps as them, openly struggling with the dichotomy of feeling like he wasted his time on the wrong person but also with the reality that moving at your own pace isn’t a waste at all.

The melody is catchy and apt, elevating the themes of the song through its production. This is most evident during the chorus when the backing track, which contains higher notes, drops to a consistent base during the chorus where Ewald fully discloses his unease. In lines such as “I'm just getting over girls that aren't right for me/I don't know why I can't keep up with reality” and “Now I'm chasing after something that's ahead of me,” he candidly addresses two closely related roots of his disquiet–initially the lack of having found the right person, and more deeply the realization that he’s at a different stage in life than his friends and wants to be where they are but isn’t ready yet. He then dives deeper, showing that this juxtaposition between where he is and where he thinks he should be–especially considering that he tried, just with the wrong person–is affecting him greatly in the line “Making me think I'm broken/And I'm starting to think it might be true/Now I'm losing my focus/'Cause I gave everything I had to you.” Though the subject matter is somewhat heavy, Ewald lightens the mood with a clean, dancy production, encouraging listeners to find humor and fun in their situations. “All My Friends Are Getting Married” is intelligently written and relevantly produced as it wholly discloses genuine fears that many people today struggle with.

Trey Ewald is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Although he’s participated in numerous bands and projects over the years, Ewald relaunched his solo project after discovering like-minded collaborators to hone a new sound that draws from more wide-ranging influences than any of his previous endeavors. The combination of his polished-pop mastery and lyrics taken straight from his self-aware, humorous notes app is reflected in his newest single “All My Friends Are Getting Married.” This single exemplifies the sound he considers to be the most “him” as it incorporates an extremely wide variety of musical influences while demonstrating the potential of his future trajectory.

Written By Adelae Norwood



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