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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "All My Friends" - Lucas Watt

In our modern society, technology and social media seem to be encroaching on every aspect of our lives, even romance and relationships. A world enthralled in online communication and constant change has seemingly influenced our ability to cultivate meaningful, long-standing bonds. Lucas Watt reflects upon this new romantic culture in his new single, “All My Friends”, an indie-pop single detailing the overwhelming feelings of disappointment and denial that often arise after being ghosted by a romantic interest. Lucas’s honest lyricism communicates feelings of pain and confusion. For instance, the line “I don’t know what is happening, you’ve gone ghost I’m just imagining” showcases the state of disbelief and betrayal one is left in after being cut off by someone they care about, especially when it’s out of nowhere. “All My Friends” presents audiences with themes of abandonment, resentment, denial and recovery. The track touches on relatable ideas, such as ignoring the warnings and opinions from your friends and blaming yourself for the failure of a relationship. Lucas Watt displays his talent as a brilliant lyricist, skilled producer and gifted instrumentalist in his new indie-pop single, “All My Friends”.

“All My Friends”, like all of Lucas’s music, was written and self-produced at his home studio. Lucas combines groovy guitar, booming drums, rhythmic synths and raw vocals to create a beautiful and simple sound. The track builds up in intensity and emotion as it progresses, adding more layers of instrumentation and vocals. The lyrics are honest and relatable, expressing the confusion and frustration of being left in the dark by someone who you envisioned a future with. “All My Friends” contains a powerful bridge, with lyrics such as “I told my friends they should go to hell” insinuating the overwhelming denial present when avoiding the truth that those around you can plainly see. Lucas’s voice is highly expressive, ranging from soft and vulnerable to angry and powerful. His vocals are layered and harmonized at times, such as the chorus, to create a fuller and richer sound. “All My Friends” is excellently produced and performed by Lucas Watt, who showcases his talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

Based in Yorkshire, Lucas Watt is a rising indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer. In 2017 Lucas released his debut single, “Plans” which has garnered over 5.8k streams on Spotify alone. Since then, he has acquired major success on singles such as “Tightrope”, “More Than This” and his debut EP, “Broken Reflections” which was released in 2019. There was no stopping Lucas’s ambition and achievements, with hits such as “Kind of Funny”, “I Don’t Feel Fine” and “Dirty Teens” which alone has surpassed 30.4k streams on Spotify. Lucas’s sophomore EP, “FAKE ID” was released in 2021, followed by a collaboration with Owen Norton, a pop-dance musician and producer from the UK. Their single, “Closer to You” has amassed more than 338.4k streams on Spotify since its release in 2021. In 2022, Lucas debuted his single, “Here We Go Again”, a fast-paced indie-pop track with scattered drawn-out notes, really showcasing his vocal capacity. Lucas’s latest single, “All My Friends” has already surpassed 1.7k streams on Spotify within its first three weeks of being released. 2023 is set to be a big year for Lucas, with a number of new songs and an even bigger headline show to be announced at Manchester's Deaf Institute in the coming months. You can catch Lucas Watt live on June 16th at The Spice of Life Pub and Music Bar in London.

Written By Julia Hooper



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