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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "All My Ghosts" - Sarah von Reis

"All My Ghosts" by Sarah von Reis is an ethereal track about self-discovery, raw emotions, and love. Sarah lays it all out there with her vulnerability. She uses metaphors like "I've been hiding on the moon, but now the earth is calling for ya" to desrcibe getting reacquainted with oneself. Even with a new found sense of self and understandings of the past that got us here, we all have ghosts. These ghosts are immortal, and the strongest prayer, fire, or ouija board could not erase them from our inner orbit. When being haunted by these ghosts of lovers past, it would be easy to hide under your covers and wait til the sun begins to rise, but why fear the past when we can embrace it. This song is about celebrating the decisions of our past that brought us to today, even if that journey was anything but smooth sailing. We recognize these ghosts as our friends who have lived every day of life, every moment of love, every feeling of pain right there with us, so instead of letting the not-so-dead-and-buried past consume you, let's grab these ghosts by the hand and dance until they can no longer haunt us.

In a song about our past ghosts, it's no surprise Sarah von Reis captivates us with haunting vocals and interstellar instrumentals that take us on a journey out of this realm. Featuring a sense of melancholy and vulnerability, "All My Ghosts" remains optimistic and unforgettable. There is a sense of hope in her gloom. This song is powerful in its ability to relate to all who listen. This is the song you can cry to in the shower and blast in the car with the windows down and a beaming smile. Sarah's range is impeccable and inspiring. Whatever she has to say, we want to hear it, again and again,

Sarah von Reis is a Swedish singer/songwriter from Gothenburg. Her love for music was inspired by the melodic language of Swedish jazz and indie pop she became acquainted with in her adolescent years. She has a deep passion for telling stories and that is clear through her enchanting, catchy, raw lyrics. During the beginning stages of her artist craft, Sarah was a member of the iconic group, Dolly Style. She then went on her own to chase her dreams as a solo artist, and her first single was played on Swedish national television. Her debut EP will be released in March 2023, and we can't wait to grab all our ghosts by the hand while we listen and dance on repeat.

Written By Grace Chapman



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