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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "All My Plants Are Dead" - Natalie Carr

I have a genuine question: is there anyone out there who can keep their plants alive? My story always starts the same. I’ll bring home this lovely little plant, bright green and full of life. Then BAM! Before I know it, the poor thing is wilted. In her new song, ‘All My Plants Are Dead’, Natalie Carr draws a comparison between the struggle to keep a plant alive with the struggle to keep a relationship going. When you bring home a new plant, you’re excited to watch it grow. This excitement carries through to relationships as you and your partner start grow through life together. Unfortunately, if the relationship starts to go south, the end can happen fast and quick. Like a failing relationship, a wilted plant can only hold on so long before it can’t be revived. And what do you do when your plant dies? You go back to the store and try to find something you can hopefully make last longer.

A lonely pop beat introduces the first seconds of the song. After a few beats, a plucky guitar line is introduced, ushering in Carr’s opening lyrics, “All my plants are dead/and im chocked up in the uber”. I loved this opening. From the instrumental opening, I could tell that this song had a lot of emotion written into it. When the opening lyrics came in, my initial thought was that Carr is heartbroken over her dead plants. Once the lyrics about the ‘loser’ came in, I realized the song was about her relationship with another person. The humor created with those opening lyrics had me intrigued on the ways she would describe this relationship. While the song does chronicle the more unsavory aspects to the relationship, the lyrics don’t get bogged down by the woe of heartbreak. This unique mix of emotion and humor creates a song that you can easily listen to on repeat.

Singer-songwriter Natalie Carr is creating her own R&B/Pop sound. Carr looks up to artists such as Miley Cyrus and Kehlani. When writing, Carr crafts her lyrics in various ways. In some instances, she uses societal constructs such as society’s perception of young women for inspiration. Other times, she uses her own experiences with heartbreak and addiction to create her songs. Her honest and relatable music has created a fan base that feels they can resonate with Carr. One of the dreams Carr has for her future is to develop a platform dedicated to various societal issues and causes.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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