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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "All Night" - Dame

The latest single from British indie-pop band, DAME, "All Night" contains itself within a party, though there is an unmistakable restlessness in its emotion that begs to break free from its constraints. The sparkling and polished pop provides the smooth backdrop to contemplative lyrics that feel like an intimate letter we aren't meant to read. As the song blossoms with lush instrumentation, DAME find themselves drilling deeper into weighty confessions until the restrained disquietude evaporates.

The song charts the course of a party, though the event itself is hardly of concern for the narrator. "Tonight is the time / for you and I to fly together," she sings over grounding keyboard chords, setting her expectations on someone she meets. "You take me outside / told me about the time you got caught with a cigarette." The specificity of these details paints the song in vivid hues: tangible and animate. As the song escalates into its shimmering climax, any previous discontentment fades away into pure bliss.

DAME is an indie band based in the UK striving to write "glittery poptimism." Back in March they released their first single of 2022 with "Be There." The band has been releasing since 2016, with their self-titled EP. Their upbeat, indie-pop music is consistently danceable and nostalgic.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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