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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "All The Same" - Hetticee

In recent years there has been an exciting rebirth of disco-pop, and it’s making the music industry a much more vibrant place. The latest single by Hetticee, “All The Same” is a fun dance-pop track that combines both old and new elements of pop music. The song is an exploration of living in a world where you are tired of being surrounded by the ordinary and people who follow “what’s in.” The song highlights the importance of individuality, and Hetticee executes this in a very enjoyable musical manner. The song itself is very unique and can really bring up the energy of any situation it is played in. Hetticee is certainly an exciting artist and “All The Same” deserves your attention.

The song begins with a classic dance beat, and it makes listeners feel like they’re entering a bright room. Immediately as soon as Hetticee begins to sing you become enamored by her vocal performance and she shows a lot of talent. The chorus is very catchy, and it makes one feel like we’re at the center of a film. The song is very energetic, and that energy is easily addictive enough to lighten spirits. The production on the song stands out and it helps give the song the modern edge to contrast its classic sound. Hetticee really does paint a clear picture of dislike for what is cliché and how important it is to break boundaries, and it’s what makes her an interesting individual.

Hetticee is an Eora/Sydney-based artist who has been making a name for herself. She has received a lot of attention in the Australian music scene, as well as gaining traction internationally as well. With only two previous releases, has been able to accomplish quite a bit, as her musical style certainly makes her stand out. Hetticee is expected to release more singles in the upcoming months, as well as an album release in April 2024. “All The Same” is a great introduction to the artistry of Hetticee and it does well in showcasing how talented she is and leaves you excited to see what she does next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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