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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Almost" - Ema Sid

“Almost” is a soft pop song, reminiscent of a past relationship. Through the song listeners can see that singer Ema Sid, has possibly not yet found closure from the relationship she is writing about. Throughout the song there is a pattern of her looking back, trying to make sense of what happened. In doing so Ema reveals how confusing and conflicting her feelings really are. Listeners are also given insight into the false belief Ema once had that things would all work out. “Look we made it, we almost made it”, really lets listeners know the emotions Ema is grappling with throughout this personal song.

The song takes on a form that is very soft. It comes off as soft from the gentle pop instrumentals, along with the kind voice of Ema. The song opens with gentle guitar strumming and lyrics that reveal the singer is feeling nostalgic and looking back on a past relationship. Following the first verse tension begins to build both lyrically and instrumentally, leading up to the chorus. The chorus holds the most emotional weight, revealing the sadness and failed hope Ema had for this relationship. Although the song closes, it is up for question whether Ema has also received her own emotional closure. She seems to understand things about this relationship, but at the same time still has unresolved feelings. This creates an interesting and thought provoking ending to the song for listeners, which leaves them thinking about the song even after it's finished.

Ema Sid is a singer-songwriter that uses her unique vulnerability to reach audiences. Her vulnerability and honesty give her songs a cozy and comforting tone. Ema has been working on her craft from the young age of just fourteen years old. Songwriting had previously been a very personal thing for her, but as of recently she’s decided to put herself out there and expose her music to audiences. Altogether Ema has released three singles. “Almost” is the most recent single that the singer has released. Both Ema's previous singles, and new song “Almost” showcase the songwriting talent she has to offer, surrounded by soft pop instrumentals.

Written By Alison Holst



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