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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Already Gone" - Will Evans

Living up to life’s expectations can be hard. We’re always so focused on our individual desires for validation in this society. It's easy to get lost in comparing ourselves to others and where they're at in life. As a result, we often lose sight of important things in life when we’re so focused on material things, like our careers and looks. Will Evans’ expresses this perfectly in his new single, “Already Gone.” The song is paired with a beautiful music video that captures how we chase self-fulfillment, even though it may always be just out of reach.

“Already Gone” is a cheerful blend of pop country featuring some energetic banjo strums. Featuring driving rhythms and captivating melodies, this song easily catches the listener's attention. Evans’ smokey vocals deliver reflective lyrics about us chasing self-fulfillment and validation. Some of those lyrics include “We look into a mirror, Trying to validate/Dream like we’ll live forever, Live like we’ll die today.” An upbeat masterpiece, this song showcases Evans’ talented songwriting and ability to create a relatable, catchy anthem.

Will Evans, a Rhode Island-based pop-folk singer-songwriter, has spent this past decade of his life as the front man for Barefoot Truth—a New England Roots Rock band. After four albums and over 50M streams with the band, Evans began his solo career. So far, he has released three full length albums and has performed for sold out shows across the U.S. and Europe. He is a master of live-looping in his shows, demonstrating his impressive skills as a multi-instrumentalist using the digeridoo, steel drums, acoustic guitar, sultry vocals, and percussive beatboxing. Evans is a known lifelong surfer and environmentalist, and his songs speak to the importance of protecting and connecting with the earth. His songs also convey messages of love, hope, family, and inclusion.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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