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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Amazing" - Allegra

To my disappointment, winter has arrived early. I've been plagued with inconsistent, heavy snow. My cranky, older neighbors have been bribing me with pies and other baked goods to shovel their driveways. And worst of all, with the many layers of socks I wear when I go out, my feet are somehow cold and wet when I return home. This winter stuff… just isn’t for me. Especially when I still have summer on my mind. But summer coming to an end does not mean the summer vibes have to, as well. Thankfully, Allegra's "Amazing" has kept summer alive in my head and even convinced me to take a trip to warmer climates.

"Amazing" is a dance-pop track designed to get listeners into a great mood without "an invitation". The song opens with an ambient atmosphere provided by synths before focusing. The first bits of electronica are delivered alongside the opening verse. Within this verse, Allegra establishes that extravagant planning isn't always necessary to have a good time. Sometimes it's just as simple as seeing if friends are down to hang. In the verses that build up to the chorus, Allegra demonstrates that the right attitude can make this time spent with friends all the more rewarding. Finally the chorus erupts with a catchy rhythm that further solidifies the previous notions. It was certainly enough reinforcement for me to book a flight to Costa Rica. This single is the living embodiment of life being what we make of it: so why not make life as enjoyable as possible for ourselves?

From giving performances to family and friends in living rooms to being featured on CBBC's Saturday Mash Up, London-based singer and songwriter Allegra knows no aspirational bounds for music. Beginning her musical voyage at 14, listeners have witnessed the soon-to-be British pop icon develop her creative direction while spreading her infectious passion for dance anthems. The dance anthems within Allegra's discography not only showcase the reconceptualization of beloved songs, but the artist's ability to create moods that resonate with the everyday person. Instead of reading about it, how about you show Allegra some virtual love in the form of streams and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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