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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Angel" - Chelle

"Angel" is the latest moody pop track by rising pop artist, Chelle. Similar to artists like Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson, Chelle has crafted an electro-pop, danceable sound that had me hooked from the first synths. The song details feelings of loss and love through vulnerable lyricism. Chelle excels in descriptive imagery and religious metaphors, all in a way that lets insiders deep into her heart and mind surrounding this breakup. The varying dynamics and tempos throughout the song reflect the varying stages we go through amidst a breakup. If you are looking for a way to dance through your latest heartbreak, Chelle has just released the perfect track.

In "Angel," Chelle opens up about the raw emotions of hurt, desperation, and heartbreak. She compares this unraveling of a relationship to feeling that she has lost her faith and reached 'Hell.' In the heartfelt chorus, she sings, "I need my angel." This refrain continues into an outro that almost feels like pleading as she repeatedly sings, "I need my angel / I need my angel / I need my angel" before the track cuts off. On the subject of her former lover, she describes the hold they have on her and the damage they've left in their absence with the harsh simile, "You're ripping through my body like a tidal wave." She wants to experience the euphoric Heaven of being with this person. She wants to put herself together. She wants to move on from this heartbreak. These poignant lyrics are a stark contrast from the commercial pop production, but it all comes together to keep us engaged in Chelle's tale into the very last note.

Chelle is a Seattle-based independent singer and songwriter who blends R&B, Pop, and Lofi genres into her music. She writes and co-produces all of her songs. Recently, she collaborated with the music YouTube channel, "MrSuicideSheep." Her music has been featured on Seattle radio stations. She has taken inspiration from several artists, including Kehlani, Ariana Grande, and UMI. "Angel" was my first introduction to her music, and I am looking forward to seeing what releases next. If you were a fan of this song by Chelle, make sure to follow the social media links to keep up with all the latest information on her music.

Written By Sydney Gray



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