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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Angel" - Tomsy

Sometimes when we’re in a bad place in our minds, if you're in a relationship it can cause tension between you and your partner, even if it's not their fault why you're struggling. We may not realize it, but it can slowly affect the other person and cause a divide. They try to help us, but we don’t always notice their caring actions towards us. Tomsy’s single “Angel” comes from the perspective of someone who is not in the right mind set, ultimately hurting their romantic relationship. We become the "bad" partner because of something difficult that we’re going through within ourselves. The other person can start to feel overwhelmed by these negative emotions, and the relationship can go downhill. Sometimes we might not even realize it, and they start drifting away.

The intro has a slightly eerie ambience paired with Tomsy’s raw and clear vocals. The lyrics are prominent through his tone of voice, making the listener sympathize with the emotions he brings out. His vulnerability is recognized through his honest lyrics that captivate the sentimental but catchy melody. The soundscape has an electro-pop influenced beat that is subtly contrasted with the heartfelt emotion and overall atmosphere. The track’s pre-chorus enhances the chorus remarkably with the usage of a percussion-based beat and altered tone that amplifies the tune. His vocals lead the tempo, which creates a diverse listen and accentuates the song’s mood through each structured section. The ending has an instrumental sound with the last, authentic lines of, “All that you have is someone I’m not” with the same modified tone and percussion-based beat.

Tomsy, also known as Tom McGeoch, is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. He began playing the drums in a pop punk band at the age of 11. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he moved to LA to pursue his music career as a creative artist. Tomsy wants to create music for the world after supporting many artists and bands through drumming, songwriting, and producing. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who conveyed his observations about people and life through songwriting and poetry. Some of his musical influences are The Story So Far, The Weeknd, and James Black; he enjoys authentic, emotional, and real of music. He fully immerses himself as an artist and wishes to unite people with his music. Tomsy is an artist worth checking out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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