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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "antisocial" - palmboy

We’re all familiar with the notion that being “Antisocial” means to be lonely and isolated from others, prefering to be alone, right? Well, Palmboy has taken this concept and given it a fresh and new perspective. Instead of being antisocial by yourself, he introduces the idea that you can share your antisocial moments with a special someone. This special someone is a partner that you can share and spend all your time with, without a care for the outside world. It’s about the two of you enjoying each other's company, loving and cherishing this simple, yet antisocial connection. For the both of you, it's considered enough and you enjoy the intimacy of it. This person is the only one you care about, and they become the only one that you want by your side. This alternative perspective is positive, cute, and intimate because you’re both in sync about ditching the rest of society and choosing to spend your time with just each other instead.

The lyrics in this song are adorable, emphasizing the desire to be antisocial with someone else, rather than alone. Palmboy doesn't have the slightest interest in being or hanging out with groups of others, and is instead looking at one person he wants to spend time with: “Ditch our friends when no one’s watching, you’re the only one that I want talking to me." Not only is it relatable to not have a single care about being social and going outside, but honestly, it sparks an interest knowing that someone else is on the same page of wanting to escape the crowd and be exclusively with you: “Leave this show before its over, cancel our plans be antisocial with me.” This track also mentions life’s challenges, sharing that we all face some tough times. Palmboy gets vulnerable and expresses that even during moments of self-doubt, he still has his focus on the presence of his partner and only wants them to be there for him, as he sings: “I’m afraid to let you see me fall apart, tell me that it’s all alright.

Nick Sadler, known by his stage name Palmboy, is an emerging indie singer and songwriter. One of his tracks called “Sophie” has surpassed an impressive 150,000 streams to date. You can also catch his rock vocals in episode 6 of the hit Netflix series “Perfect Match.” Additionally, he co-wrote, produced and mixed the track “H8 Me Too” alongside Meg Smith, which aired on the show EZRA on Apple TV. Check out Palmboy’s latest single, “Antisocial,” out now on all streaming platforms. To keep up with his future releases, follow his socials by clicking on the links below!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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