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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Anybody In LA" - Abby Carey

Often, it can become difficult for us to accept the possibility of having someone in the world who truly does care for us. Someone who would care if we were to suddenly disappear. These thoughts become difficult to ignore when you’re living in a place that is known to be surrounded by people who tend to be so focused on only themselves. Being surrounded by people like this only makes the loneliness grow. The latest track by independent artist, Abby Carey, “Anybody In LA,” covers the struggles of having to go on with life even when you feel isolated by such a busy city like LA. Carey’s song is filled with angst and despair, but the vocal performance and guitars bring the song to life enough to provide a sense of comfort to its listeners. Carey’s song reflects the basis of the human experience, which is that insecurity of being overlooked we all share, and making songs like these help others who experience the same unwanted emotions.

The song begins with a simple muted guitar which Carey singings over. The lyrics set the scene of someone looking over their life and being unhappy with their current place and time. The verse begins to bring in some drums that keep the rhythm of the song steady as Carey continues to sing about how her actions don’t reflect the life she pictured. When we get to the chorus, a big explosion of sound appears where Carey’s voice mixes so well with the guitars. The guitar riffs in this section especially create such a nice ambiance that feels somewhat nostalgic yet still relevant. The sound engulfs the listeners so well, and that only makes the song more emotional. The lyrics in this section truly reflect the frustration of being in LA surrounded by superficial individuals. Do these people truly care about you? That’s what Carey spirals to understand, and it is perfectly portrayed in the chorus. The second verse focuses more on the difficulty of finding flaws in the people that live in Hollywood, and how that leads to your own insecurities becoming more prominent. This verse expresses that confusion as to why no one else is imperfect just as we feel we are. The bridge of the song creates a whirlwind of expression that shakes you. One of my personal favorite lines is the reference to Elliott Smith, a well-known musician whose signature sound became so influential to some of the most well-known indie artists today. An Elliott Smith reference works perfectly well with the scene Carey is trying to set. The song ends on a hopeful note, that the possibility of someone in LA caring may still be alive. Overall, Abby Carey’s song is very honest and tells a truth most people experience but don’t always want to share. Songs like “Anybody In LA” are important in the world because these universal experiences are proof we all feel deserted at one point in our lives.

Abby Carey is an independent musician originally from Boston, Massachusetts. She loves to be a vivid storyteller who takes her songwriting very seriously and hopes to capture the emotional depth of certain experiences. Her voice is smooth and the vocal performance in her discography captivates her listeners very well. Her style of music takes enough risks to be unique but is still universal enough to connect to different people. These risks are very present in her lyricism as well, as she tries to be as honest as possible, which is very difficult to do because it can leave you exposed. She’s written a multitude of songs that she plans to release in the future. Abby Carey is a unique artist who creates well-thought-out music, and you can expect to see more of her soon.

Written By Chantal Charles



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