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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Are You Happy?" - Francis On My Mind

Francis On My Mind embraces the complexity of human emotions and the search for joy in her latest release “Are You Happy?” Francis reflects on a past relationship and her partner’s new girlfriend. She poses a series of questions for him surrounding his new girl, all taking inspiration from the words “are you happy…?” Francis starts the song off by saying “[he’s] killing her slowly” by being with his new girl, but “[she’ll] be fine.” She says that the spark that the two had was electric, and the things that he said made her feel high. To set up the chorus, Francis says that it’s hard for her to feel the pain, and she likes it when they drift away and fall apart. Then, listeners are introduced to the chorus, where she asks her ex demanding questions, like “do you like it when you’re lying (to my face)?” and “do you feel me when I’m crying (out your name)?” Francis builds off her anger and disappointment in the second verse, telling listeners that “[he] still thinks [she] wants to kiss [his] mouth,” but she finds it comical that he thinks that way. “Are You Happy?” paints a detailed picture of events that almost anyone can relate to, giving the song strong replayability.

Francis On My Mind has taken the classic vibe of pop in the 21st century and supplemented it with a dose of electro-pop. Francis’s sound is aligned with the likes of RAYE, Freya Ridings, Birdy, and more. In the verses, an acoustic guitar with a unique rhythm fills the space in the backing track. More specifically with the first verse, there is a delayed entrance of the kick and snare beat, which is quite common with pop music. From the verse to the chorus, there is a large swell in volume that allows the chorus to land very satisfyingly. Throughout the entire song, vocals are layered to create an intricate sound that sounds like a chorus. It’s a popular technique, but it completes the song nonetheless. The most interesting thing about the song is the contrast between the vibe of the lyrics and the production. The production is characteristically upbeat, while the lyrics are much more moody. If someone was passively listening, they wouldn’t be able to tell how reflective, honest, and relatable the lyrics are from the production alone.

Francis On My Mind is an up-and-coming Romanian singer and songwriter. Across all of her music, her style is blending classic pop with 80s influences and electronic pop. With her debut single “On My Mind”, she caught the attention of international eyes in 2020. Francis followed up with her second single “Never Be The Same”, which featured light production with powerful vocals, acting like a breath of fresh air in the music scene. After multiple releases in 2020 and 2021, her single “Swimming Pools” was featured in the hit show The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video. From there, her fame only grew. Francis released her first EP in 2023, titled “Circle of Love”, which shared the name of one of her previous singles. Another one of her 2023 releases, “I’m Alright” was featured in the HBO Max North American advertisement campaign. It’s clear that Francis On My Mind will continue to release quality music for years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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