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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Arrow" - Laura Marano

Laura Marano’s latest release is an ode to every situationship out there, perfect for the Valentine’s Day blues. “Arrow” discusses the phenomenon of having undeniable, magnetic chemistry with someone, but never following through with it. After running into her person, Marano wrote the song to describe this excruciating experience. It is like clockwork. They reunite by some happenstance, and instantly hit it off. Sparks fly, but neither of them makes a move. Marano tells the story in such vivid detail that the listener feels like they are experiencing it firsthand. The first verse kicks off the track with the lyrics: “Checkmate or checked out// Heart racing, head down// Your face and my mouth// Playing it in my mind// Known you a long time.” These lyrics set the stage of the track, showing the indisputable sexual tension between the two people, while describing the nerves that prevent either of them from making a move. She continues with this structure by re-counting the complicated game of cat and mouse they are playing. They meet up, they talk, they act like two lovers do. They anticipate each other’s next move, only to be left with nothing but disappointment and longing. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, many would chalk it up to cupid not shooting his arrow, but Marano knows this is not the case. In the chorus, she sings, “Cupid’s in the air tonight// But he got an arrow in a gun fight// Too hard to resist// But we do it anyway// It’s stupid that he wants to try.” She knows that it is not up to Cupid, or anyone else, to bring the couple together. Instead, it is up to one of them to finally make the first move after years of endless games. The track consists of clever lyrics that accentuate Marano’s brilliant songwriting. With “Arrow”, she further highlights her rightful title as a Triple-Threat in the industry.

“Arrow” is a remarkable track composed of a complex production and poetic lyrics. The song begins with an elegant, two-string chord progression that effortlessly guides the listener through the verse. Additionally, a synth beat is utilized with a reverb effect that mimics being in an empty stadium. This provides an ethereal element that causes the listener to feel like they are floating on air. When the chorus starts, the bass takes control and the production completely changes. The shift brings an energetic component to the track that pulls influences from multiple different genres. The newly added electric guitar and the fiery energy is reminiscent of the classic rock style, displaying Marano’s phenomenal range. Throughout the track, the listener is blessed with her enchanting voice. The melody is flawlessly paired with the vocal harmonies that further enhances the ethereal atmosphere. Listeners cannot help but be mesmerized by Marano’s impeccable vocals. Her voice provides a soothing effect on the listener, compelling them to want to listen to the song on an endless loop. “Arrow” is a multifaceted track that illustrates Marano’s versatile artistry and demonstrates that she could dominate in any and every genre.

Laura Marano is a singer, songwriter, and classically-trained musician. In 2019, Marano dropped her debut EP, Me. Then in 2020, she released her second EP, You. These two projects combine to showcase that “there are always two sides to every story.” In 2021, she released a deluxe version of You. In July 2022, she released the surprising third chapter, Us. Currently, fans anticipate the release of her upcoming debut album. Not only is Marano a skilled artist, she is also a talented actress. She is well-known for her role as Ally in the hit Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally. She has starred in many movies such as The Perfect Date, Saving Zoe, which she also produced, and The War With Grandpa. Her most recent film was 2022’s Netflix Original The Royal Treatment. In 2023, fans will get to watch her in the interactive Netflix Original romantic comedy, Choose Love. The movie will feature two original songs from the actress. Between her music and acting career, Marano has many projects, keeping fans on their toes for her next move.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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