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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Ashley" - Ari Dayan

There's a bitter feeling that comes with heartbreak, and while we might want to be the bigger person in that situation, sometimes that bitterness takes over. That urge to be heartbroken in the most chaotic of ways comes to life with Ari Dayan's new song, "Ashley" where she talks about her ex finding a new person--and how with her heartbreak (and a little internet stalking), she finds the person is fantastic and how unreasonable hatred arose. It's easy to hate when you're in pain, so "Ashley" is a song that fuels that anger and brings that other person down even if they don't do anything to warrant it, but who says anger has to be rational?

With a fiery and distorted bass, Ari Dayan switches gears from her upbeat and fun pop sound for something a little more angsty and rock-inspired. It's catchy, intense, and strangely empowering-- and it makes for a fantastic track. Her voice melds well with the change, she's delving into a rawer feeling, and her powerful vocals only stand to emphasize that. It reads as a vent song, trying to put someone else down to make herself feel a little bit better after the breakup. It's witty and a little clever in a mean kind of way. She sings the words, "She can't love you like I love you" on the bridge, and it's the perfect example of the song's meaning-- that no one is better than her.

Ari Dayan is from Los Angeles, born and raised. The brilliant pop artist has many stunning songs such as "One Hundred" and "Good Reason" and is only continuing to enamor listeners with her newest single, "Ashley". She contains a sense of authenticity within her song, leaving a reflective quality with a fun and powerful delivery. Dayan takes influences from amazing artists such as Stevie Nicks, Sia, and Robyn-- and with her unique sound is sure to leave listeners wanting more.

Written by Jane Katryn



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