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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "at least" - Courtney Govan

Heartfelt and melancholic, Courtney Govan gives us an earnest ballad called "at least." The new single narrates an unexpected friendship breakup and the heartache that it caused. Govan's closest friend ended an 8 year relationship with no warning, over text. It's already frustrating and devastating when you lose a close friend, but to have a long relationship ended over text like that is a low blow. Despite the initial heartbreak, Govan takes us on a journey of finding the positives in a bitter situation. She shows us that our misfortune can evolve into profound life experiences and growth. The emotional track takes back control in a one-sided communication, offering a final, intimate explanation.

Govan creates a raw, intimate atmosphere in her touching single, "at least." The song features Govan's striking vocals, supported by soft piano harmonies. "at least" begins gentle and sweet, describing the hurt from Govan's friend ending their relationship and how she would have acted in the situation if the roles were reversed. Full of emotion, the song comes to an end with Govan belting out the chorus once more, showing off her impressive vocals. Despite the negative themes in the lyrics, "at least" feels like closure, rather than wallowing in heartache. It's a beautiful tribute to the experience Govan went through and the strength she found within herself to overcome this loss.

Hailing from San Diego, California, Courtney Govan is a 26 year old queer pop singer. She has over 560k followers on TikTok, where her song, Serotonin, went viral. This publicity landed her on her first Spotify editorial playlist, Fresh Finds: Pop. Govan brings a fresh twist to today's pop, featuring an introspective approach to songwriting. She uses her own life experiences to relate and connect to her listeners, giving them music so they feel less alone. Govan hopes that her music helps them take on any tough experiences life throws their way. She uses her music and activism to create a community of inclusion, advocating empowerment and self-love. Govan is an activist for the LGBTQ+ and plus-size communities, highlighting social justice causes alongside her music journey on TikTok.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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